Straightforward – Effective – Communications

While I work in all areas of communications, my specialism is producing great content.

Adapted to the platform, audience and brand, great content combines strong graphics with persuasive copy to deliver your message to your audience.


Do you ever get stuck for words?

Words are of one of the most powerful tools of a marketer.

Choose the right words, put them in the right order and they can excite, engage and enthuse.

Online copy

Website content – your virtual shop window deserves not just engaging copy designed to reach your customers and entice them to buy, but search engine optimised copy to help you rise to the tops of the ranks and ensure your potential customers find you first.

Social media posts – you’ve only a moment to stop your customer scrolling past, what are you going to say? Let me help you identify the messages, the story and the specific words that form the basis of a long term relationship online.

Blogs – a great way to raise your profile, position yourself as an expert and gain influence. I can help you demonstrate your knowledge, skills and expertise to a wider audience with good copy, regularly, to help you earn the business benefits from blogging.

Newsletters – printed newsletters are back! While the online space is getting busier and busier, the other side of the letterbox (or pigeon hole if you’re B2B) has become relatively quiet.  Many companies are returning to printed newsletters with great results. While you may get your audience’s attention this way, it can be lost to the recycling bin if your copy doesn’t intrigue or resonate with the reader. Make sure your newsletter is read from top to bottom (and everything in between!) with professional copy.

Email campaigns – one the most competitive spaces and you’ve only one chance – the subject line – to get your emails opened.  Let’s craft some fantastic emails that increase your open rates and click throughs.

In Print

Press releases – have you got some news to share? Get coverage in the publications you want to be seen in, with a well written release.

Articles – compelling stories written in the editor’s preferred style that subtly delivers your messages.

Sales literature – whether it’s a brochure, a leaflet, a pdf, you’ll need a powerful headline to grab attention, strong sub-headings to pull readers in and concise paragraphs that persuade. All of this in your own unique voice.

Advertising – pithy attention-grabbing copy that sells.


Great design goes hand in hand with great copy. I work with some fantastic designers that can produce creative designs that reinforce your brand and messages.

If you’re looking for great content, get in touch now.