Make the most of Christmas

Whether you’re B2B or B2C the Christmas period is full of marketing and PR opportunities. And not just from a sales POV.  The festive season is a fantastic time to invest in your most important relationships.
If you are in a market where Christmas is likely to bring additional sales, have you got your advertising ready? Is your email campaign ready to go?  Have you thought about supplying vouchers, running special offers or otherwise incentivising sales?  What about your PR?  Do the relevant publications and outlets know of your festive plans?  They are likely to be thinking about their Christmas issues now, it pays to get in touch with editors sooner rather than later.
Where Christmas doesn’t present a sales opportunity, it’s nevertheless important to recognise the season and to take time to appreciate your customers.  A card and/or a small gift goes a long way to show you’re thinking of them and the loyalty they have shown you in 2019.  Taking the time to treat your most important clients to a meal is often a very sound investment.
Remember your staff and suppliers too.  They make your business run day-to-day, be sure to show your appreciation.
I won’t wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’ just yet….it’s far too early even for me!