I’m supporting #farm24

Today is #farm24, an event organised by Farmers Guardian, sponsored by Morrisons. Over the next 24 hours farmers and supporting industries will be celebrating this essential industry on social media platforms, giving the public an insight into all that we do.  As someone who's worked in the sector for about 15 years, it seemed a good time to share a little about my day and how I got to be a proud member of the farming family.  My eyes were opened to the world of agriculture by my aunt. She'd a small holding [...]

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Brands doing it right

Coronavirus pandemic 2020: great marketing and PR examples If you're in need of some inspiration for your marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic, look no further.  Here are some great examples from some of the top brands: Advertising McDonald's, Audi, Volkswagen and Coca-Cola I’m not normally a fan with brands straying too far from their area of expertise but in this case, encouraging social distancing was a near-universal message repeated by governments and medical authorities around the world. Brands like Audi, Volkswagen, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola used ad space that they’d [...]

Marketing during the coronavirus crisis

Effective marketing during a crisis requires tact. Pushing product at struggling businesses will not make your brand memorable for the right reasons. Messages that share valuable information, insight or support your customers and suppliers, will. Now more than ever, understanding your audience’s mindset and behaviour is critical to effective marketing.  Chances are, your potential customers’ priorities have just drastically changed, and yours should too. Top tip #1: Review your current/scheduled communications. Are your messages still relevant? Do they feature activities which people can no longer do [...]

Will your business die, survive or thrive?

Marketing, PR  and the Coronavirus CORVID-19 will leave no business untouched.  Whether it’s rapidly changing levels of demand, supply chain issues, office closures or sales and marketing plans in chaos – every industry, every company will be affected.   How a business chooses to respond will determine whether it dies, survives or thrives.  Adaption is going to be key.   The communications landscape has shifted; many face-to-face events including exhibitions, trade shows and product launches have been cancelled along with all the associated PR and marketing opportunities.  Chances are, your audience’s mindset and behaviour has [...]

8 stories to sell

People love stories. They’ve a powerful effect bonding effect. Whether it's reading a treasured fairy tale to a child, a discussion with friends about the latest best seller or an in-depth discussion about a literary masterpiece, stories bring people together. Stories underpin effective PR and marketing too. The much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas TV adverts are great examples. It maybe surprising that despite the millions of stories that are told, many academics and authors agree; there are less than 10 plots. Renowned author, Kurt Vonnegut, concluded there were 8: Designer: Maya Eilam, Source: A Man Without [...]

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Can word choice save our planet?

From Oct 2020 Guardian journalists will no longer report on “climate change”, they will write articles about the “climate crisis”. Why?  Because the editorial team believe this subtle word change more accurately reflects the science and will help its articles “…inspire hope” for the “systemic and fundamental societal change” the publication believes is needed. Changing a few words seems like a futile contribution to a crisis, yet the editors have taken the time to carefully review, analyse and report on the new guidelines. Why? Because there is immense power in the subtly of word choice. Changing “climate change” to [...]

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